• Jasbir Singh

Vidmate Video Player

Viewing existing videos or ones that have been downloaded using the Vidmate has boosted the viewers watching experience immensely.

Rather than relying on the device’s in-built video player one can effortlessly download this app from the 9Apps store and watch videos in high definition.

The Vidmate is one of the top 8 best video player apps suitable for an Android device as users have the flexibility of viewing videos of all formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, M4V and many more with just a click of a button.

This app has been awarded the Editor’s choice as the highest-rated video player with an engaging and immersive interface that can captivate its users and has made all the features convenient to use and utilize all its functions effectively.

This application offers little to no burden on your system's memory due to its compact structure it comprises a small part of the memory and is quick to start up and operates smoothly with no delays in its performance.

The software is designed for Android users on devices like phones or tablets to enjoy. From 9Apps you can download Vidmate and have access to all the features it provides as a video player.


· Playback option: Vidmate has a video playback feature that allows its users to view a video from beginning to end with an addition of using the screen-lock tool or to unlocking the auto-rotation and aspect- ratio attribute of the film that will adjust the screen for better viewing.

· Speed control: Besides providing high-quality videos this video player app has an advanced setting that can access the speed rate of the clip. Change the media speed to fast or slow from the range of 0.5 to 2.0 to view at your preferable style.

· Hardware acceleration: this technique used by the app allows the optimizing of hardware components in the computer more effectively for the running software. This enables a smoother operation of the app offering better results.

· Chromecasting: the app supports Chromecast to allow the viewing of the shows downloaded on the device to be cast on the TV. It is similar to using the device containing the Vidmate app as a remote to control the TV media.

· Basic Control: alter the screen settings by controlling the brightness, volume and the play/pause settings that are made easy to access through the control panel. Even when the app window is closed using the Background Play one can pause or play media. Different modes are also provided like Night mode, Quick mute and more to suit the need of the users.

· Play video options: Multi-task while watching a video by using several floating video player options. Enjoy videos in a pop-up window, and the split-screen that can be re-sized and repositioned easily.

· Subtitles: when the video is downloaded have the option of viewing the downloaded clip with subtitles that are provided.

Vidmate scans all the videos saved on the device and can be used to access all of them, the feature of saving videos to a private file is also provided that requires a pin to watch them ensuring the safety of those videos.

There are additional upgrades on the app such as displaying remaining time, Clock and battery optimization information which one can download and get updates from the 9Apps store with the requirement of possessing an Android 4.5 device and above.

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